Rambling Rhinos S01E10

We can’t believe we didn’t make a joke about there being a new Ryan-o as part of our latest podcast but with Andy away, we’ve drafted in friend of TRK’s and Athy BJJ’s own Ryan Mangan for Podcast #10,

In the latest episode we’re talking about the recent seminar and first BJJ grading under the TRK banner this past weekend; we look back at BAMMA/Bellator; we look ahead to the NoGi Northern Irish Open this coming weekend; we’re talking MMA news, dream training locations and by the end of it all, we’ve all got new names.

As usual, there’s some strong language in the podcast but nothing out of the ordinary or too extreme – you’ve been warned, mind.

Ken McGuire

Ken McGuire is a broadcaster and designer. He can be found on the airwaves weekdays from 3pm for KCLR Drive. Currently working on his BJJ game at Team Ryano Kilkenny.

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