Rambling Rhinos S02E03: It’s not all positive, lads

Ken, Mick and Andy are back on the couch, digesting the world of MMA and recent TRK developments

There’s no wagon wheels or fancy biscuits this time out but after a morning of padwork, Ken, Mick and Andy are back on the couch for Rambling Rhinos S02E03.

We’re chatting the aftermath of McGregor v Khabib and the subsequent reaction in certain sections of the Irish press to MMA in general. There’s competitions coming up, we have a word over the future of BAMMA and Bellator and look at what’s happening to fighters who signed contracts with possibly nowhere to fight – and more besides.

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Ken McGuire

Ken McGuire is a broadcaster and designer. He can be found on the airwaves weekdays from 3pm for KCLR Drive. Currently working on his BJJ game at Team Ryano Kilkenny.

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