Rambling Rhinos S02E01: The boys are back in town

It's game on for Rambling Rhinos as season 2 kicks off to bring us right up to speed.

Rambling Rhinos is back, this time with S02E01.

In internet speak, that means we’ve got the first episode of season 2 of the podcast ready for your ears. We figure, given we’ve had a winter break, spring break and summer break, we may as well call it season 2.

Whatever you like to call it though, it’s good to be back and with Myles away for a few months training in AKA, it’s Ken, Mick and Andy on the couch for today’s podcast.

We’re looking back at some of the highlights for the team over the past few months including

  • Myles returning to fight action with appearances at BAMMA and Brave, then signing with Bellator
  • Andy overcoming vertigo to make his return under MTK and ink a deal with BAMMA
  • Mick getting promoted to brown belt
  • TRK’s prospects as competitors on the MMA and BJJ front continue to grow
  • Along with a really healthy discussion about developments in MMA, where we’re at and where we’re going.

There’s plenty more in there over the course of the hour (give or take 20 minutes) to get things back underway.

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Ken McGuire

Ken McGuire is a broadcaster and designer. He can be found on the airwaves weekdays from 3pm for KCLR Drive. Currently working on his BJJ game at Team Ryano Kilkenny.

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