Rambling Rhinos S01E11

It's the final installment of the podcast for 2017.

Just in time for Christmas, it’s the final Rambling Rhinos podcast of 2017. Who’d have thought we’d start a podcast, let alone make it to number 11!

A month has passed since our last outing and a lot has happened – we’ve had K1 debuts from three of the TRK competition team, we’re planning for a big and busy 2018, we’re talking movies, recapping the year, looking at what’s happening in mainstream MMA and loads more in just under 90 minutes. Sink your teeth in below and we’ll see you on the mats in the new year!

Also, if you’re reading/listening before St. Stephen’s Day, why not join us on the 26th at TRK from 12pm for our 12 Rolls of Christmas – the more the merrier!

Ken McGuire

Ken McGuire is a broadcaster and designer. He can be found on the airwaves weekdays from 3pm for KCLR Drive. Currently working on his BJJ game at Team Ryano Kilkenny.

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